8 Most Common Auto Repairs

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December 10, 2016
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January 13, 2017
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Some of the Most Common Auto Repair Services You Will Need

Owning a car takes dedication— you’ll need to commit yourself to all the work, maintenance, and repairs that come with it to keep it up and running. You’ll have to be prepared to pay for repairs, as you’ll probably be needing to visit the auto mechanic from time to time.

That’s why for all you people who plan to get a car (or already have one), we’ve listed the top 8 most common auto repairs you’ll need to do, from the least to greatest average cost.


  1. Fuel cap tightening/replacement – Most of you are probably familiar with the “Tighten fuel cap” or “Check engine” warning message that flashes on the dashboard that indicates a loose or defective fuel cap. Ignoring this problem means you risk the chance of wasting a lot of fuel and money because of leaks. While you can tighten your fuel cap by yourself, in some cases it’s better to take it to the auto mechanic (especially if the message hasn’t disappeared for weeks) to see if it needs replacement— which costs only about $8.


  1. Coolant temperature sensor replacement – The coolant temperature sensor or CTS is the part responsible for keeping track of the temperature of your engine’s coolant. This is so that the optimum amount of fuel needed can be calculated. The cooler the engine is, the more fuel is required. For your car’s best performance and to prevent any over-fueling, your CTS can be replaced if needed for an average price of $128.


  1. Ignition coil replacement – The ignition coils convert power from the vehicle’s battery into sparks. These sparks are then used by the spark plugs to generate the energy needed to start up and power the car. Thus, the ignition coil plays a vital role in supplying the energy needed to run your car. Once it’s been diagnosed that the ignition coil needs replacement, you can get it replaced for around $219.


  1. Oxygen sensor replacement – These sensors alert the computer whenever there is too much or too little gas in the tank. They also indicate the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust. Symptoms that your oxygen sensor needs replacement include higher fuel consumption than usual, poor idle, and the message “check engine” appearing on your dashboard.  A replacement costs about $242.


  1. Spark Plug Replacement – Spark plugs, as the name suggests, use sparks to ignite the air and fuel mix in the cylinders, thus powering the car. If you’re having trouble with starting your car, it’s probably time to get those spark plugs checked. Replacing them costs an average of $308.


  1. Intake manifold gasket replacement – This gasket plays another role in powering your vehicle, as it directs the air and fuel mix into its respective cylinders. Thus, you should replace them when they start to show signs of leaking, such as engine misfires and coolant leaks. A replacement will cost you around $329.


  1. Mass air flow sensor replacement – This sensor measures the amount of air flowing in the engine’s air intake system, which is necessary in determining the delivering the correct fuel mass to the engine. If you are having trouble starting your engine, it might be time to replace your mass air flow sensor. Replacing it will cost about $444.


  1. Catalytic converter replacement – This is the component of your vehicle responsible for converting toxic or hazardous gas byproducts into less harmful gases. It’s one of the most expensive parts to replace, costing you around $1051.


Here at Mikes Tech Transmission, we offer you repairs for a wide range of car parts, from brakes to engine repair, alternators and hoses. So next time you’re having trouble with your car, consider going to Mikes Tech Transmission— if there’s a problem, we can solve it.