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Whether your brakes feel slightly mushy or it squeals every time you lightly step on them, or they simply are unresponsive to touch, you can count on Mike’s Tech Transmission to cost-effectively solve the problem. Our shop is the brake specialist in Phoenix that you can count on for high-quality brake repair.

Safety Mechanism

It is not difficult to understand that the brakes are among the most important systems in your car, especially as far as driving safety is concerned. It is therefore vital to understand the functions of your brakes to make sure that you and your passengers are always safe as you drive. Malfunctioning brakes are a sure ticket to a road mishap. Thus, you always have to make sure that your brakes are in good condition before taking your car out for a drive.

Kinds of Brakes

While there are a number of different types of brakes, they are generally classified under three main categories – drum, disc, and anti-lock brakes. Although these brake types apply different technologies to function, they all work under the same principles in making your car stop completely, regardless of how fast you may be driving.

How Brakes Work

To help you quickly learn how your brakes operate, you have to understand that the entire system works on friction. The pressure provided by your foot is moved down a lining of hydraulic fluids that amplifies the force from your foot, and applies the pressure to the brake pads that, in turn, stop your car’s wheels from spinning. It is common knowledge that friction equates to heat, and in turn, heat leads to wear.

Common Brake Problems

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To make sure that your brakes do not get worn out beyond useful levels, you need to watch out for a number of things. These include:

• Brake Pressure – Once you notice that the brake pedal falls too low each time you step on it, or if it requires unnecessary force just to apply pressure on, then you may have a problem with brake fluid contamination. While the brake fluid is contained in a vacuum-tight environment, there are factors that may allow rust or air to penetrate the system and trigger some problems. In most cases, the issue can be easily resolved by having the brake lines bled, and either replacing the fluid or having the brake booster’s vacuum level calibrated.

• Noisy Brakes – If you hear any unusual noise being produced by the braking system, it is most likely a sign of brewing trouble. Immediately have your brakes checked, whether you are hearing a clunking sound, low groan or sharp whine. Take any noise that you notice as a sign of an impending brake problem and that your brakes are getting worn down to the point that your car has become unsafe for driving. Thus, you can take advantage of Mike’s Tech Transmission’s free towing service to make sure your car is checked at the soonest possible time.

• Grabbing or Pulling Brakes – Once the brake pedal is released after stepping on it, your brakes must let go immediately, and allow the wheels to spin freely. Now, if the brakes continue to hold after the pedal is released, the most likely culprit is damaged brake pads or a malfunctioning brake disc.

Why Mike’s Tech Transmission

As previously mentioned, there are three types of brakes in general: drum, anti-lock, and disc brakes. Regardless of the kind of break installed in your car, you can rest assured that Mike’s Tech Transmission has the capability to replace or repair your brakes. Our expert mechanics can take very good care of your vehicle and make your car come to a complete and smooth stop each and every time you step on the brake pedal, regardless of the driving situation you may find yourself in.

In case your brakes are damaged in a way that renders the vehicle unsafe to take to the road, and it is impossible to safely drive it to our shop, do not fret. We offer free towing not only to our existing customers, but to new ones as well. All you have to do is call, and we will show you why we are considered as the local brake experts and the one-stop-shop for all brake system needs in Phoenix, AZ.

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