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Maintenance for Your Shocks & Struts - Why Fix Them?

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There's a big difference between a smooth ride in your car, and one that isn't nearly so kind to your back or backside. While shocks and struts might not seem as important as engine work to many people, letting small transmission issues turn into large ones. A smooth drive isn't just about comfort, it's about the overall wear and tear of your entire vehicle. If you want more miles and less repair issues out of your car, then you need to bring your vehicle to Mike's Tech Transmission to get back on the road the right way.

We Believe In Top Notch Service

When you come to our business you'll notice we believe in offering the best in service in every sense. From treating our customers right to providing premium work done fast and right the first time, every time, we want your experience with us to be nothing short of outstanding.

Whether in need of a thorough inspection, looking for some basic maintenance, or worried about the true status of your struts and shocks, our professionals at Mike's Tech Transmission know how to get the job done and make sure your vehicle is in the best possible shape before putting you back out on the road.

Signs you need to stop in include:

  • Bumpier ride than usual
  • Steering wheel or response "feels loose"
  • Body of the vehicle dips with sudden breaking or acceleration
  • You're going through tires much more quickly than you should
  • Delay from taking an action to seeing the vehicle move
  • Strange smells from the engine
  • Unidentified fluid leak

These are just some of the signs that there might be serious issues with your vehicle's systems, and you never want to put off getting it checked out. Problems don't just go away, but many of them will compound and get a lot worse (and more expensive). Getting your car to us when the earliest signs of potential issues are showing is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your vehicle's life and that you keep the necessary repair expenses as low as possible.

Why Are Your Shocks & Struts So Important?

Because in a word, it's your car's steering system. The response time between turning the wheel and the vehicle following your movement, the speed with which your car stops when you have to put on the brakes suddenly, and the control you have over your vehicle. These are all extremely important, and the safety of you and your passengers depends on being able to have control of your vehicle.

We Take Care Of It All!

Whether the issue seems to be the shocks, the strut, the transmission, or even something else in the alignment, you can count on our professionals to figure out what the problem is and to let you know what your best options are for fixing it. Instead of having to go from one specialist to another in a questionable car you can count on us to figure out the problem right there and get you on the path to a solution.

We proudly provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Vehicle shocks, struts, and transmission inspection
  • Loose steering
  • Replacing worn out shocks
  • Fixing fluid leaks
  • Testing your steering system and more!

Come See Us Today

Our licensed and certified mechanics know their trade and have the experience and skill to tackle any job. Contact us today and let's get your car back to running its very best!

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