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Driving around town is a great feeling, until you go to start your vehicle and it does not start. This often makes you think immediately about the problems your vehicle could be having. The starter could be going out, the battery could be bad, or even worse the car may just be dying on its own. The most common problem, though, is the battery. This is when you should know about your car battery trouble specialist at Mikes Tech Transmission.

Proper knowledge about the battery is something that people are going to enjoy with our company. Normally we never think about this, but with our company we have the proper knowledge on how to check the batteries to find out what the problems are, but also to look for a solution to the battery problem. Sometimes the battery can just be bad, which is a problem, but that is nothing that you caused or we caused.

What Can Cause A Battery Not To Charge

When you have a car battery you need to realize their are several factors that can cause the battery not to charge. The first is the simple fact the battery is bad. That we already covered. However, our company has also found that another reason a battery may not charge is the lack of juice coming back to it from the alternator. This means that it may not be the battery failing you at all, but instead it could be the alternator, which is part of the vehicles electrical system not working properly either.

Something else that can be a common problem for the battery is a complete lack of water in the cells. This is another common problem that has been seen in some batteries. Without the water the battery is going to lose its charge because the acid in the battery needs water to react and cause the juice to be produced in the battery.

How To Prevent Battery Problems In Your Vehicle

Sometimes you can find that you can prevent the battery problems in your vehicle. When you are doing maintenance on your vehicle at our shop, you should see if we can check the battery over for you. However, some of this work you can do on your own and it can help extend out the life of your battery.

- Check to make sure your battery is properly charged. This requires using some of the different gauges and volt meters, but a properly charged battery is going to last you quite a bit longer than a battery that is improperly charged.

- Avoid having a battery that is consistently undercharged. When the battery is consistently undercharged it will not work as well, but it will also have the problem of the battery not wanting to charge back up to the level that it is supposed to be at.

- Overcharging of the battery is another issue that you are going to have to avoid. When you have a battery that is overcharged their is the danger of it exploding. Yes, that is right the batteries can explode if they are overcharged. So you will want to make sure you check to make sure your battery is charged properly.

Getting in your vehicle and turning the key you would expect to hear the roar of the motor. However, sometimes you will not hear a thing. This is when you need to bring your vehicle to us, Mikes Tech Transmission, to troubleshoot your problem. Sometimes the problem is a simple one, but sometimes complex. Either way we are your battery trouble specialist when it comes to your car.