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Radiator and Coolant Problems You May Have

There is no doubt that the best way to save money on car repairs and parts replacements it to properly maintain and take care of your vehicle. After all, most car systems, including the radiator and cooling system, can be costly to repair. However, by following a few easy steps, you stand to save a lot, not only in terms of money, but in precious time as well.

Car owners in the Phoenix, AZ area are aware that Mike’s Tech Transmission is the go-to shop for all radiator and coolant problems. After all, the shop’s team of experts understand fully well just how important it is to remain cool in everything we do, and this can be quite difficult to accomplish when your car is overheating.

Importance of the Radiator

While your car’s radiator cannot be considered as one of the more complex components of your car, it can cause a lot of damage to other car systems if you just ignore it and neglect to check its condition from time to time.

With just a few simple steps however, you can make sure that your radiator will not become a money funnel that will cause you to shell out a lot of money in repairs and parts replacements. One easy way to avoid it is having your radiator coolant flushed out every other year. The sad truth, however, is that not too many car owners are aware of this simple preventive measure.

Common Radiator Problems and Their Solutions

Expert mechanics at Mike’s Tech Transmission have identified the common problems that their customers usually complain about. These issues cause the radiator to function at less than optimum levels, and in some cases, lead to overheating.

• Failing to Check Coolant Levels – In many cases, problems happen because car owners neglect to perform the seemingly simple and insignificant task of checking the car for proper coolant levels. This act of negligence may put a considerable amount of pressure on the radiator that may cause the component to overheat, and in some cases, trigger the onset of rust on the radiator fins. Experts recommend that you make sure there is proper coolant level before embarking on long drives.

• Collapsed Bottom Radiator Hose – In general, a radiator hose may collapse after wear and tear has taken its toll on the hose. It may also happen when slight vacuums have formed because of the contraction and expansion of the coolant.

Basic Solution to Overheating Problems

If your vehicle starts to overheat for whatever reason, one effective solution to flush the heat out from the radiator is just to switch the heater on. Just allow it run until the radiator cools down. Sure, it will be scorching hot inside the car which is definitely uncomfortable. However, it can significantly help save your car’s radiator from a total meltdown. This little inconvenience can likewise save you tons of money in the long run.

DIY vs Expert Service

You may be thinking that you can perform the necessary repair procedures on your own, right in your own garage. The answer is yes, especially if you are handy with DIY tasks. However, your home garage may not be equipped with the necessary tools to do the job effectively.

On the other hand, a radiator expert like Mike’s Tech Transmission has the expertise, training, and the right tools and equipment to carry out the necessary repair procedures with uncanny speed and precision.

Why Mike’s Tech Transmission

Used coolant must be properly disposed of as it may cause harm on the environment. Our shop knows the proper way to dispose of the coolant as well as other harmful substances with the least impact on the environment.

More importantly, for the busy individual that you are, we will provide our services in a timely manner that will not keep you from performing your regular tasks. It does not matter whether you live in Phoenix or are just passing through. Whenever you are faced with the nightmarish problem of overheating, rest assured that you have nothing to worry about. We will send a towing vehicle to bring your car to our shop – free of charge if we provide the repair work! In no time, we will have your car back on the road in tiptop shape.