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Leveling Kits Done Right

Many car owners have heard about lift kits and understand at least the basics when it comes to what those are all about, but there are a surprising number of care owners who could really benefit from a leveling kit and yet have no idea what those are referring to. If you are into the benefits that a body lift kit can bring to your vehicle, you may very well want to learn about a leveling kit and what a properly installed one by our professionals here at Mike's Tech Transmission can do for you and your vehicle.

What Are Leveling Kits?

Basically a leveling kit is fairly similar in a lot of ways to what a body lift kit does. However leveling is different because while a lift kit creates a lift of the entire vehicle, a leveling kit gives additional lift to either the front or the back half - not both at the same time and not the entire car. This is a very important difference to understand.


At first this might seem strange but it can balance out issues that otherwise already exist in your vehicle and give additional control to you as a driver. That is never a bad thing, and you'll be glad to know that our experienced and helpful professionals at Mike's Tech Transmission have installed literally hundreds of these in the past.

We understand the natural challenges that come with setting up a leveling kit right, and that means your vehicle is going to get the maximum benefit from adding in one of these kits.

Why Wait?

There are many benefits to adding a leveling kit, so why wait? They not only improve the overall look of your vehicle but they also add in an additional level of safety. Your vehicle will no longer be unbalanced and that not only means looking better but it also means a safer ride, more control, and you should even notice benefits when it comes to less tire wear and stress on the suspension.

When done improperly these can be a major problem, and an outright catastrophe for a well meaning DIY specialist who just doesn't have experience with this type of car and truck work. However, for the professionals working at Mike's Tech Transmission, putting in a good leveling kit to make sure your suspension has the right alignment and balance is just another day at the office!

Don't Settle For Inferior Performance

An imbalanced performance is also going to mean an inferior performance, as well. Why settle for a continued struggle when you know you're not getting everything out of your vehicle that you should be? Don't wait another day. Contact our specialists today and let's start talking about what your vehicle needs.

Why go another day without the leveling kit that takes your current car up a notch and towards its total potential? Call Mike's Tech Transmission today and let's see what our professionals can do to make you king of the road!