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Living in Phoenix you know that there is quite a bit of dust in the air. The problem is your vehicle knows there is a lot of dust as well. This is when you should learn about how our company, Mikes Transmission Tech, can provide you with the proper care for your cars air filters. It is important to have these filters changed at the recommended intervals to help boost engine performance and give you fresh air to breath.

What Does The Car Air Filter Do

This is a common question that we get from all over the place. The answer is actually a lot more complicated than what people think because there are two different air filters on the vehicle. Since that is the case, here are the two filters that are found on vehicles and how these are going to make an impact on the vehicle.

- Cabin air filter is one of the main filters that you will find with the vehicle. This filter is one that is going to take the air that you are breathing in your vehicle and filter it for you. This filter can get very dirty because of the dust in the air. The dust may not be present that you can see, but it can be hidden on your clothing and other items that are coming and going in the vehicle. If this filter gets dirty you are going to start to breath in the air that is dirty.

- The engine intake air filter is another filter that is going to be on your vehicles motor. If this air is dirty your vehicle is not going to run as good and this can easily lead to you having to sit alongside the road waiting for a tow truck because your vehicle did break down. So you need to make sure you consider this when you get your air filters changed.

Our Filters Are Rated Among The Best

When you do get your air filters serviced you may start to ask yourself if it is worth it because of the type of filters that are being put back onto the vehicle. The resounding answer is a yes and with our company we are going to use only the best air filters that Napa sells. This will make it easier for you to get the vehicle running properly and since we use only the quality Napa parts they are going to last you for a longer period of time.

Location Of The Air Filters Can Vary

This is why you should be using our services to help you in getting all of your air filters changed. When the automotive companies built all the vehicles they decided to change the location of the air filters for the vehicles. This makes it a challenge in finding each of the filters you need to change. However, our company knows the locations of these filters and that makes it quite a bit easier to get the work done quickly and easily.

When you live in an area like Phoenix you know the dust is going to play havoc with your vehicle. This is when you start to realize just how important it is for you to have the air filters working properly all the time. By knowing about the car air filter and how important it is, you will easily see that Mikes Transmission Tech is the best place to go and get your vehicles air filters replaced.