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Why Get Your Fuel Injector Serviced Regularly?

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Because we rely on our cars so much in the current day and age, whether we need them to get to the jobs that sustain our livelihoods or getting us towards more personal destinations, it becomes essential to take care of them and maintain them properly to extend their lifespan. A solidly built car kept in good shape will last for years on end, while even a high end car can collapse in a few months if it is consistently neglected and used poorly. The benefits to maintaining an automobile properly are more than just allowing a single vehicle to last a while; a properly maintained car or truck enjoys a better fuel economy, saving money at the pump, and requires fewer serious repairs, another major money saver that adds up very quickly.

Of particular note to the maintenance of a vehicle is fuel injector service. Because these devices are what transform relatively stable liquid fuel (in the form of gasoline or diesel) into a gaseous form that the engine transforms into the power that keeps the engine going, their maintenance is of prime importance to keeping a car running well. However, over an extended period of use, these injectors get clogged with a build up of carbon that makes it harder for fuel and oxygen to reach the engine. Fuel injector service should be performed every twenty to thirty thousand miles to clean out the injectors.

Problems Caused by Damaged Fuel Injectors

Poor Gas Mileage: Because less fuel is reaching the engine proper and simply going to waste, a dirty fuel injection system tends to require the vehicle's owner spend more on gasoline to keep their car going, which adds up surprisingly quickly.

Knocking Noises: Damage to the engine from poor fuel and oxygen combinations can cause it knock and shake, oftentimes leading to more serious damage if the problem is left unattended for too long, which tends to require severe and almost always expensive repairs.

Hard Starting: Automobiles that have a hard time starting may well be having a hard time getting the fuel and oxygen mix the engines need to function due to dirty fuel injectors. In particularly severe cases, the engine may simply not start, though neglect this severe is somewhat uncommon.

Where to Get Them Cleaned

In the Phoenix, Arizona area, Mike's Tech Transmission stands among the best auto shops in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Located at 1302 East Indian School Road in Phoenix, our garage houses a team of some of the best mechanics in the Southwest. Keeping a fuel injection system clean and functional is among one of our many preventative maintenance services we offer, performed by our team of ASE certified mechanics. We pride ourselves on our work, and will never suggest a procedure be done to your vehicle that does not need to be done. Additionally, we have become quite skilled over the years of discerning the underlying problems of a vehicle's problems and know exactly how to mend those problems. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.