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As a car owner, you have to know the important role that oil plays in the life of your car, and how changing oil on a regular basis can keep your engine healthy and in tiptop condition for a long time. Maintaining your car’s engine need not be a complicated matter – if you take care of the simple things that can keep it running smoothly. For instance, ignoring the seemingly simple procedure of an oil change can lead to the onset of early engine wear. In turn, this may lead to total engine failure.

Smooth Running Engine = Peace of Mind

With your engine running smoothly, you can definitely sleep well at night. At Mike’s Tech Transmission, we can help you achieve that by ensuring that your car’s engine will live out its expected useful life, and maybe even longer.

By simply bringing your car to our shop for a routine change oil procedure, we can take advantage of the opportunity to do a courtesy evaluation of your vehicle for other potential problems that may come out in the future, if the slightest of symptoms are not detected on time. Our clients in Phoenix, AZ appreciate the fact that they no longer have to go through this process on their own.

Importance of Regular Oil Change

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As previously mentioned, oil is crucial in maintaining the health of your car engine. If you haven’t had your oil changed for some time, just visit our shop, and we will save you from potentially nerve-wracking hassles. We recommend that you go for an oil change for every 3000 miles your car logs on the road. Sadly, not too many car owners are aware of this simple guideline. They only learn about it once it is too late – when they encounter costly problems that could have easily been avoided with a routine oil change.

DIY Oil Change Procedure

You can do an oil change procedure on your own, if you feel you have sufficient DIY skills. Here is a detailed guide on how you can do it:

  1. Warm up your engine oil by taking your vehicle out for a drive. Once warm, the oil will be easier to drain.
  2. Pick a flat spot to park your car on. Set the emergency brakes while keeping your car engine in gear. For added safety, place some blocks behind the wheels to keep them in place.
  3. Using a jack, lift the vehicle’s front end up, then place jack stands to help stabilize the car.
  4. Locate the oil pan. Loosen the nut found at the bottom. Make sure not to loosen too much to keep the oil from spilling all over the ground and on yourself as well.
  5. Position a drain pan underneath the oil pan. Remove the loosened nut. Wait for the oil to completely drain as it may take a while.
  6. Locate the oil filter, and remove it using the oil filter wrench. Be careful in doing so as the oil contained in the filter is extremely hot.
  7. Remove the cap from under the hood. Make sure you have sufficient time to do this step as it can take around 30 minutes. Drain the old oil from the car.
  8. Coat the new oil filter’s seal with new oil, then put it on the vehicle. Provide a new seal for the drain plug, then put it back on the oil pan. Take the drip pan away, and properly dispose the replaced oil.
  9. Using a funnel, pour new oil into the engine. Put the oil cap back on, then ignite the engine. Get a dipstick to check if the oil level is appropriate for your car.

Why Mike’s Tech Transmission Instead of DIY

There are several reasons you can benefit more by taking your vehicle to our shop, instead of doing it on your own. For one, you will avoid dealing with the hassle of disposing the oil you replaced. Likewise, changing oil is just a routine task that our mechanics do on a daily basis; thus, we can complete the job quickly. This will give you more time to focus on other important matters.

More importantly, by making a quick trip to our Central Phoenix shop for an oil change, you are giving us the chance to check the overall health of your vehicle. This alone can save you from a plethora of possible unpleasant surprises in the future.