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Your Vehicles Belts Control Some Major Functions In Your Car

As we become increasingly reliant on our cars, particularly in the industrialized world where the model of suburban living is still becoming ever more popular despite the complications of such a lifestyle. Because we find ourselves increasingly dependent on our vehicles, it only makes sense to try and treat these valuable (and usually very costly, no matter what kind of income we make) devices as best we can to extend their lifespan. Keeping up with automobile maintenance matters is important for everyone who owns a vehicle, whether it's a low end compact that does its job and little more, a serious professional grade truck that may not be pretty but gets the job done to a state of the art super car barely legal to be out on the street and as a result quite expensive.

Among other vehicle care problems people may encounter are matters of belts and hoses maintenance repair. This is particularly true in the harsh, arid deserts of the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, where the hot, dry conditions can easily hasten the decay of these parts of a vehicle. These parts are quite important to the vehicle, however. These belts and hoses are vital to the timing of the vehicle's movements, all of which much be in a fairly tight synchronization for even a bare minimum of functionality, as well as the functioning of the flow of various fluids such as gasoline, oil and coolant that keep the entire machine moving smoothly and with minimal hazards to life and limb of the driver and passengers. It is for this reason that proper belts and hoses maintenance repair is of paramount importance to keeping any vehicle rolling forward in the Arizona deserts.

Some Types of Belts and Hoses

Car Timing Belt: This belt is a part of the engine that keeps the engine valves taking in fuel with the pistons that power the vehicle. By controlling the speed at which the camshaft rotates during the vehicle's operation, the car timing belt brings the process of fuel becoming power into a careful synchronicity without which the engine becomes a genuine liability to the vehicle as a whole. Most manufacturers of vehicles suggest this belt be replaced every 60 to 90 thousand miles, though as mentioned earlier, it is likely in a Phoenix resident's best interests to replace these belts sooner rather than later.

Radiator Hose: The radiator is the device that keeps an engine from overheating and melting under the pressure of the very power it is producing. The radiator hose pumps coolant into the engine, without which a car owner is lucky to merely suffer a damaged engine. More likely, particularly in the scorching temperatures of the Phoenix region, the damage will be fairly extensive as parts of the engine actually melt down when the contained energy of the gasoline and oxygen mix is released and the engine can't be kept cool enough to keep these temperatures from rising.

In the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, the best place to get your belts and hoses maintained, whichever belts and hoses they make be, is Mike's Tech Transmission. Our team of ASE certified mechanics knows belts and hoses of all kinds as readily as we know the rest of the vehicle itself and can replace damaged hoses and belts as well as simply inspect them and ensure that there are no leaks or runs in the devices which can become liabilities on the road. We are confident in our work and offer it at competitive rates.