Rebuild Vs. New Transmission

Rebuild Your Tansmission Vs. New Transmission - What You Need to Know

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Is it time to make a decision on your transmission?

Transmissions are integral components in any vehicle and have to be kept in prime condition year-round. If not, the vehicle will stop running as needed. The average person is going to have two options in front of them when it comes to transmission. They can select a new transmission or rebuild the old one back into shape.

The question is which option is best?

At Mike's Tech Transmission you're guided through the process with a competent ASE certified technician who will provide great insight into the choices you have available.

Transmission Choices

New Transmission

Let's begin with a new transmission. This is the first option people consider when it comes to parts. The desire to buy "new" is something most people have. An untouched, well-designed transmission is great, but is it the right option for you and the vehicle in question?


  1. Brand New
  2. Will Demonstrate Longer Durability
  3. Simpler Decision


  1. "New" Doesn't Mean Made Yesterday (Can Have Outdated Parts)
  2. Requires Additional Work To Harmonize With Engine
  3. Costly

These are the pros and cons of getting a new transmission.

Our team will go through the details for clients illustrating what a new transmission will do. This is something we pride ourselves on and make sure clients understand how things are done.

A new transmission has its value, so it should not be ignored for a rebuild immediately. For those who are accepting of new transmissions, this might be the choice for you. Look into this choice with detail and have a budget in place to know which option is going to work best.

Those who decide to go with a new transmission should always trust Mike's Tech Transmission as our techs are well-qualified and will be able to harmonize the transmission into place.

Rebuilding Old Transmission

What about a rebuild? This is when the vehicle's initial transmission (which has broken down) is removed and rebuilt. The premise is to fix what was already working and get it back into shape with tweaks here and there.


  1. Proven To Be Harmonized With Engine
  2. Cost-Effective In Most Cases
  3. Improves What Is Lagging
  4. Can Use Newest Parts For Modern Rebuild


  1. Requires Patience
  2. Old Transmission Is Still "Old"
  3. Might Lead To Other Parts Dying Out Down The Road

These are the pros and cons of going with a rebuild for your transmission and getting it back into place.

At Mike's Tech Transmission, we will sit down and explain these details to car owners making sure the right decision is being made. The goal is to get the car up and running the way it was before. The best parts and proper techniques are going to be implemented.

Rebuilding the transmission is often a recommended solution for those who want a budget-friendly, high-grade solution that is built for their vehicle. Once all of these details have been pondered over, and a decision is made, our team formulated a plan to get the transmission into place and rebuilt as required.

The choice is yours to make as a car owner. Which direction do you wish to go with? Our team will go through all of the details to ensure you are on the same page and have had a good look at both choices. As long as you are satisfied, and the car runs as needed, a correct decision will have been made. Our team prides itself on doing a good job and making sure the transmission is harmonized with your engine.

Call now and set up an immediate diagnosis of your vehicle with one of our specialists.