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The alternator is one of those parts that you never think about fixing in your vehicle or getting checked until there is a problem. When this starts to give you problems, though, you will quickly notice because your vehicle does not perform as well, but also the battery starts to go dead. Then you will notice your radio, air conditioner, and everything that runs off of the electrical power including your vehicle itself is going to start to shut down.

What Job Does The Alternator Do

The main job the alternator does is it is going to provide the battery with a constant source for charging. This is because the alternator is going to be spinning and generating an electrical charged based off of the motor running and getting the electric to it. However, the alternator is also going to be key in making sure the battery is charged enough to provide you with the extra battery burst that you need to start your vehicle. If the alternator is failing, you will find the battery may not have the required amount of power to start and this can make it very difficult for the vehicle to run.

What Are The Signs Of A Failing Alternator

When you start to see these signs it is time to give us a call. When you give us a call we will do our inspection of the alternator and let you know if it is an issue that can be fixed or if it is a problem that is going to require you getting a brand new alternator for your vehicle.

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- Difficulty in starting your vehicle could be a sign that your alternator is starting to go bad. This can also be a sign that the battery is going bad as well, but our service technicians will test the battery and the alternator both. That way you are getting the fixes that you need to have instead of getting a part that is not the right one fixed.

- Your headlights are very important when you are driving at night. However, a great sign of your alternator starting to fail is you may have difficulty in seeing because your headlights are a lot dimmer than what they usually are. That is because the battery has a heavy load being drawn off of it and it is making it impossible for the headlights to stay charged.

- Finally you may notice that some of your electrical devices in your vehicle are not working. This can be anything from the cell phone charger to the radio. These all run on battery and when the battery is starting to go dead because of the alternator not charging the battery it is going to cause your electrical items to fail.

Are Alternator Repairs Expensive

This is a common question we get. The problem is the labor itself is not the expensive part. The expensive part when doing an alternator repair is typically the parts. These are very important parts and the manufacturers know this so they have a high price on them. Outside of the part the labor price is not that expensive. So you will find our company is very reasonable when it comes to getting your vehicle repaired.

Driving your vehicle you expect everything to work perfectly. However, you may find your vehicle can give you some problems over time. This is when you should know that the alternator repair is not expensive to have done. You should also know about how Mikes Tech Transmission provides you with the optimal care for your vehicle.